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Clearcut Lawn Solutions is locally owned and operated. Clearcut Lawn Solutions has proudly served Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding areas since 1996. All of our chemical applicators are Kentucky licensed and certified. We are proud members of the Home Builders Association, Kentucky AGC, and the Kentuckiana Lawn Maintenance Association. We are fully insured for both residential and commercial work.

We specialize in year-round landscape maintenance and ensure complete customer satisfaction through extensive customer service. It all starts by reviewing your lawn and landscape with you and putting together a custom maintenance program that will allow you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your newly manicured surroundings. Pick as few or as many of the services from the list below and we will outline your entire year in a simple, easy-to-follow schedule. This will allow you to better budget your landscape expenses and simplify the payment process through a consistent monthly payment. For those of you that prefer to pay for services as you receive them, our al-a-carte pay per month system is the way to go.

We offer payment by credit card, automatic credit card debits, automatic checking account debits, and payment by electronic check. Simplify your bill paying by letting us handle all of the legwork!

Landscape Design and Installation

Whether you are looking for a new twist on your existing landscape or a complete overhaul and design, our team of professionals has your solution. We will start by setting up an appointment with you at your location to go over all of your ideas, thoughts, and expectations. We will then make our suggestions and work one-on-one with you to come up with the best plan. While there, we will take digital photographs of your property for later use in the design process. Upon completion of the design, we will set up a second meeting in which we will review everything and show you the digital images of what your new landscape will look like using the latest landscape design software. Upon your approval, we will schedule the installation and you will be on your way to a beautiful new surrounding.


We will take you through the same steps as we do for landscape design except we will be working with pavers and retaining wall block to create the patio, walkway, or wall of your dreams.

Landscape Maintenance

If your landscape has become unsightly and overgrown, we have a solution that will get everything back on track. We offer weeding, shrub trimming, bed edging, mulching, light tree pruning, and decorative rock installation. We can also plant colorful flowers throughout the year and tend to your perennials to give your property that extra flair. We can come as little or as often as you would like throughout the year. Ask us about how you can save money through our complete lawn and landscape maintenance contracts.

Lawn Care

We have a six-step fertilization and weed control program that will feed and nourish your lawn while eliminating those unsightly broadleaf weeds such as dandelions and clover.

Grub control, lime treatment, fungicides, nutsedge control, and other specialty applications can also be included in the program.

Lawn Renovation

If you have a lawn that is full of weeds and several different types of grass, the quickest and most cost-effective way to get a consistent and beautiful lawn is a complete lawn renovation. The process starts in late summer when all existing vegetation is killed. The lawn is then re-seeded in the fall once the proper seed bed has been prepared.

Aeration and Over-Seeding

If you have a lawn that is thin or covered in bare spots, a lawn rejuvenation will get it back in shape. Our professionals will aerate your lawn allowing more air and nutrients to infiltrate the root system creating a stronger, more heat-tolerant lawn. Then they will over-seed the lawn with a top-quality fescue blend grass seed using a power seeder. This process ensures optimal seed-to-soil contact increasing the seeds germination rate.

Leaf Removal

Fall leaf cleanup is one of the most dreaded tasks a homeowner can face. Raking leaves into piles is hard enough work as it is but the challenge of bagging them and disposal is simply back breaking. Simplify your life by letting Clearcut Lawn Solutions do the dirty work. We will clean up your entire property using high-powered, backpack blowers and then take away the leaves in style using our high-volume trailer-mounted leaf vacuum. If you do not mind raking them but need help with the bagging process, simply rake them to the curb or driveway and we will come by and vacuum them up.

Storm Cleanup

The last couple years in Kentucky have been rough ones when it comes to the weather. We have had unexpected and out-of-character wind storms, snow storms, and ice storms. As a result of the weather we have seen record-breaking power outages, downed trees, power lines and limbs, along with damaged homes and landscapes. If you find yourself in an unfortunate position and in need of help from the professionals give Clearcut Lawn Solutions a call. We can clean up and haul off all downed limbs and trees along with selective pruning of damaged and hanging limbs.

Snow Removal

Clearcut Lawn Solutions provides both residential and commercial snow removal services. We plow parking lots, streets, subdivisions, and anything else large enough to require a plow. We apply salt to control ice accumulation and Ice Melt when temperatures dip below 15 degrees. We are one of the only companies offering residential snow removal to all of our clients without the use of a large plow truck. We will send a crew out to hand shovel and salt your driveway and walkways keeping them clear and easy to use.